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Custom Alosinac Acoustic - Walnut

Alosinac Black Gold Walnut

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Custom Alosinac Acoustic - OMC

Alosinac Black Gold Cutaway

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Black Gold custom acoustic guitar by Nicole Alosinac Luthiery.

Black Gold Model - Pomelle Sapele / Spruce

While designing this model, I aimed to create an elegant aesthetic which would let the natural beauty of the wood stand out, with brass and ebony as adornment. The body shape is my interpretation of a Modern OM shape with rounder curves and a narrower waist. Each aspect of construction was chosen for its contribution to depth of tone, balance, volume, sustain, and longevity, hoping to inspire the player for a lifetime.

Please email for pricing and options. Features include:
  • Scale length: 25.5"
  • V-joint neck/headstock joint
  • Brass & Ebony Appointments
  • Hide glue construction on all braces
  • Body Length: 19.5"
  • Upper Bout width: 10.875"
  • Lower Bout width: 15.3125"
  • Waist: 9.0"
Black Gold audio samples performed by Kevin Hennig:
Custom Alosinac Acoustic

Alosinac Acoustic

On the bench here is a guitar that I made in 2019. It ended up going home with a left handed player, so it got a new bridge, intonated saddle and was converted to left handed.
. We also opted to tint the top to take away the whiteness of the Engleman Spruce, happy with how it turned out!
. Engleman spruce top, spalted tamarind back and sides, mahogany neck, camatillo bridge, fingerboard and headstock overlay.
Custom Alosinac Electric

Alosinac Electric

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Custom Alosinac Electric - Vintage

Alosinac Electric Vintage

Handmade chambered alder body, internally shielded during the building process. Flamed maple neck, with rosewood fingerboard, and dual action truss rod.
. Nitro relic finish. Lollar Special T bridge pickup with a Lollar P90 in the neck position.
. Bigsby B5, Gotoh In-Tune bridge, Kluson Supreme 18:1 tuners. Bone nut. Electro socket output Jack. PIO tone capacitor. Neck insert bolts for better neck to body contact.
Custom Alosinac Electric - The Beast

Alosinac Electric - The Beast

•Vintage Dearmond Gold Foil pickup in the neck position, and behind the bridge to capture the strings behind the bridge going to the vibrato. •Vintage P90 in the bridge position. •Graphtech Resomax bridge with piezo saddles giving this guitar an acoustic voice as well as MIDI capabilities •Kill switch, upper bout •3 piezo elements embedded in the vibrato cavity, the body in the lower bout and in the upper horn. They pickup the body’s resonance and can be used for tapping rhythmic patterns.
Typically a neck of this design has runs a high risk of having the headstock break. To help mitigate this risk I took some old mahogany out of my stash and laminated the neck instead of making out of one piece. The tonal properties of the wood are still present, but the neck is stronger and stiffer from lamination. The more stiffness in the neck brings out more sustain. I also added a pair of lightweight carbon fibre rods beside the truss rod. Again, adding strength and stiffness. I also opted to use a truss rod where it could be adjusted at the base of the neck at the body. This leaves more wood at the vulnerable point of the neck where the headstock typically breaks when the truss rod runs right through that angle.
Custom Alosinac Electric - Tele

Alosinac Electric Tele

•Lollar ‘52 T in the neck •Lollar Special T in the bridge •Fully shielded •Wired with paper in oil capacitor and series parallel switching for a phat humbucker tone. •Electrosocket output jack for a secure connection. •Threaded inserts holding the neck and body together •Gotoh solid brass In-Tune saddles for better intonation and string spacing. •Matte black Nitro finish on the body, clear satin nitro on the neck. •Dunlop 6105 frets •Kluson Supreme 18:1 tuners •Dunlop Strap locks •Bone nut
Custom Alosinac Electric - Knutson

Alosinac Knutson Tele

Info to come!
Custom Alosinac Electric - Melecaster

Alosinac Melecaster

Info to come!
Custom Alosinac Electric - Cyclops

Alosinac Electric Cyclops

Chambered Ash Body
Fully internally shielded
Translucent Mary Kaye White Nitro Gloss finish
Threaded neck insert bolts
Nicely balanced at 6.7 lbs assembled

Nicole Alosinac at
2023 Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase
Oct 13-15

Nicole will be at 2023 Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase exhibiting her handmade acoustic and electric guitars. Come back for more info, or sign up for Nicole's newsletter. Meet Nicole and her guitars Oct 13-15 at the 2023 Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase.